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Along with setting meaningful goals on our way to building and maintaining businesses, it is important to be balanced. Finding that balance requires various elements depending on who you are and what your specific needs are. Basic ways to find a balance between business and personal life are to set priorities, build rituals into your life and take personal time for yourself. Pursuing a professional, business, or entrepreneurial accomplishment doesn’t mean neglecting what is necessary for personal care. For many people, that happens to be the case, let’s change that narrative. 

Part of overlooking a balanced lifestyle is due to the lack of setting priorities and placing them in order of importance. This goes for the hierarchy of family, personal care, business projects, and more; when you set precedence on the important things in life you’re obligated to keep those promises to yourself, to your business, and to those closest to you. Life has so many demands on our time, most times we have to juggle so many areas of life. Put aside time for each part of your world that requires your attention, choose your values and apply them to your to-do list. 

Building rituals allows you to keep a set standard for your way of life. Daily, weekly and yearly non-negotiables create a structure for your life and respecting personal boundaries. From guaranteed trips to movie nights and dinner outings; establishing designated places to visit and things to do gives you a foundation for a stable lifestyle. 

Lastly, take personal time for yourself. A straightforward concept that we take for granted as human beings. The hustle and bustle of a busy, ambitious life blur the construct of balance. We become hyper-focused, which is a good thing; however that is not everything. Enjoy the little things in life: attend your favorite fitness classes, go for walks, go to the doctor, do the little things to sustain your longevity. Sustaining happiness and humor allows us to show up whole, re-energized, and ready for new undertakings.  When taking care of ourselves we produce better projects, and the endeavors we choose to embark on are manageable. 

Oftentimes, we are misled by what hard work looks like, the true key to winning, success, and ultimate growth is a recurring loop. Stress, plus rest produces successful gains. The fallacy ends here where you grind to the point of unhappiness, take the time to enjoy the fruits of your labor. Schedule fun activities with family members, vacations, and mini getaways; pursue the WRK, chase the DRM. 


BUT, never forget to celebrate.

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