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Research. The variant that helps brands grow, and build their products. 

As you continue to navigate the world of brand development and growth, we simultaneously give light to the steps that are imperative to successful brand management. Research, though it is beneficial prior to brand launch is equally as important as your brand develops into something greater. We answer the question: what is brand research, and how is that beneficial? Brand research assists with the creation, development, and ongoing management and strengthening of brands. Analysis can be carried out to understand the landscape and develop a launch strategy along with continued information gathering once a brand is relevant.

Creation and development research for a brand happens when you scan current brands and gather information that can benefit the development of your personal brand. You should be looking for indicators that reflect market retention and notice what brands currently do to stand out. Primary and secondary logo design, colors, mission and vision statements, accessibility just to name a few are lucrative to being noticed. The remembered brands that you consume every day are a great starting point when building a thorough research plan. Market research in these areas show you the success of Nike and their well known slogan “Just Do It”, Disney “The Happiest Place On Earth” and many more to count, it is imperative that you find your market and what makes them unique.

Strengthening your brand is important once you have established who you are, what your services are and the quality of work you provide. Various branding strategies aid in the successful development of brand extensions, line extensions and overall marketability of a brand and product line. Line extension strategy looks like creating additional products in response to consumer needs; creative services that only provide photography, may want to look at graphic design or videography as their extension. Bigger companies may add products to gain a larger consumer audience; Apple did a great job of this when they introduced iPhones to their brand after being solely a laptop company. Brand extensions are the process of marketing an entirely new brand of products outside of your current market; coffee shops do so by providing at home coffee experiences, and clothing brands have done this through women’s and men’s or baby clothing additions. Brand value comes from the decisions you make and your ability to commit to every aspect of your brand that brings value to you, your audience and your market. 

The research that you do prior to launching a business and throughout having a business is vital to longevity. The market is never the same on any two given days, you must always make sure that you are innovative and maintain a mindset of ingenuity when pursuing business development. These points are to remind you that staying ahead of the curve is what will keep you relevant when new, advanced brands and product services are being offered in your field of service. Whether it is logo redesign, market expansion or new product development; there are many ways to maintain significance to your consumers’ eyes.

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