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This month we talk about business growth and how you can do that as a business owner and entrepreneur, what it means to naturally expand your business when the time is right. You’ve built and maintained a foundation from the conception of an idea and built a platform that is sustainable for your goals, the next step is finding ways to continue growth and consumer engagement. Successful businesses have found ways to continue forward progression through the offering of new products and services, naturally this puts your brand in a better position through additional funding, a larger audience base and an increased market share where possible. 

Offering new products allows your business to saturate new markets, concentric diversification, more specifically propels you into a new realm while offering products that are comparable to what already thrives. If you look at successful companies a lot of them use concentric diversification; which is the ability to provide new services and products that are related to the current products you already have. Employing a concentric diversification strategy helps you seek to broaden your distribution network without going too far outside of the field in which you offer your target audience, it then allows you to tap into existing infrastructure, enables your business synergy and expands your already built consumer audience. 

Expanding your business line and adding new services may require you to also build a more unique staff. Adding new talent allows business owners to bolster their staff with new, ingenuitive ways to succeed within a competitive market, and build on their brand. New staff members bring in creative appeal and give you the opportunity to develop services that have not fully developed because you did not have the power to manage it. Simply put, collaboration happens to be one of the best ways to introduce new ideas from people who can make them come to life. Branding opportunities, brand collaborations, team expansion and a collective mindset is what new products and services allow you to maintain. 

Ultimately, achieving a certain level of success as a leader may allow you to start thinking about the benefits of expanding into new markets. Business expansion is something all great entrepreneurs aspire to, the most important thing is staying calculated and being committed to that growth and diversification. Your new products and services should be things that you can market well, that are sustainable to business growth and things that make sense your brand identity. What new brand products and services will benefit your business development, who can help you get there, and what market does your new products and services satisfy? Think about it, implement it and conquer!

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