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As we look to round out our second last week of March, we highlight the importance of accountability and self-discipline. These two aspects of personal development create a substantial foundation for personal and organizational growth. As a leader, CEO, and founder of your business you are required to maintain these two fundamental truths, inside and outside of the workplace.

Accountability requires the responsibility of personal actions, decision-making, commitment to completing projects, and high performance. Being motivated to start and finish projects, and maintain the expectation of employee to employer relations when regarding the well-being and growth of organizational behavior. What are your desired outcomes for your work and your business? Whatever those desires are, you must be able to hold yourself accountable to your dreams, your goals, your deadlines, and the many variables that must be attended to in order to grow and commit to the longevity of your brand. 

Self-discipline is an aspect of accountability that expresses the need for commitment to complete a project, assignment, or necessary aspects of development. It is the willpower to be attentive to growth and task satisfaction, to resisting personal desires, and not being easily distracted when responsible with organizational duties. When developing a brand, the application of self-discipline carves a pathway to your ultimate goals because it requires self-mastery. To quiet the noises around oneself and focus on the approach of transforming a dreamer into a doer. 

Some ways that address self-discipline and accountability in organizations take on the roles of having hard conversations, setting SMART goals, following through, and following up. Whether you have employees or you are a one-man band it is imperative to set goals that are specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound. Two weeks ago we mentioned goal setting and how it is relevant to business development, SMART goals allow you to keep notice of where you are in relation to completing a job, accomplishing a goal, and confidently entering contracts. Following through and following up simply requires you to check-in. Be thorough with your team members, clients and yourself, recognizing what we require to be our best allows us to push others to achieve more, too. 

Accountability and self-discipline are self-motivating characteristics, they can be enhanced and are frequently challenged by outside adversities. Allow yourself to be challenged and pushed, progressive growth is transformative; it’s what makes the good, great and the average, extraordinary. Be internally driven, be confident, find a personal initiative. Continue to DRM and WRK.

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