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Establish a Brand Identity & Audience

Welcome to a new month; which brings a new chapter, new goals, and more insight into the world of brand development and creativity. In April we highlight the importance of marketing and how to strategically do that for what your brand needs and values. 

At the beginning of the year, we gave you the foundation to setting goals for your company or organization and what that entails; January provided these three specific values to a brand = uniqueness, relatability, and accessibility. That’s what brand identity is about. Your audience and consumers must be able to recognize your content, services, and products through individualism. When creating your brand there should be a lot of thought put into what your brand means to you in order to maintain relatability to the outside world. Consideration in brand development comes as web design, typography, illustration, and interactive content; you may need more or less depending on your brand’s specific needs. 

Your brand is more than the colors of your logo, it is the foundation, your purpose, and what makes you, you! Brand strategy is what we’re getting at here. Find your purpose, through your mission, vision, and values. Create your messaging, taglines, pillars and overall voice; the cadence in which you present yourself should be consistent. Your brand identity is a way to communicate with the world and differentiate from your competition; make your logo distinct where it stands out from others’ and catches people’s attention. Your brand logo must have a visual impact that carries you. Something that is memorable. It should elicit and evoke a specific feeling within those who support you. 

To attain and maintain an audience you must create an enduring brand experience that encourages people to engage with you and your product. You need to find and understand what resonates with people and build around that knowledge. Identifying who your product best suits helps you continuously market to that demographic; over time, the expansion will naturally happen. Acknowledging the accessibility to your brand is also important for retention, you must be approachable, personable, and ready to interact with those who indulge in your dream.

With the development and establishment of who you are as a brand and company, you should always remember that is only a portion of what you provide to others. Your professionalism, products, and services will ultimately carry the foundation you have created; stay consistent with your brand and watch your hard work flourish.

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