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As we enter a new season of Wisdom Wednesday Blogs, we wanted to underline the intricacies of business development and answer some long awaited questions. We believe that as you DRM and we WRK, we must also provide a sustainable avenue for growth within our community. We kick off quarter four with some tips to attracting and retaining clientele through the development and foundation of your website. Beginner or experienced, everyone can benefit from encouraging hints.


Whoever you are, whether you are a beginner or a seasoned expert it is important to decipher what your style guide is, what your brand colors and logo will look like and maintain those colors and feel throughout your website. The style guide you choose offers a reference source for all design decisions, especially those relating to a specific color scheme, typography, spacing, icons, imagery and visuals on your site. 

After the build out and implementation of a desired style guide, there is also the ability to develop and create at a faster rate. It provides the ability to add sections to your website or profile, keeping both code and design consistent throughout the site. Many developers understand that the colors and themes utilized in a site also come from the use of a consistent, visible logo. 

2. Identify user feelings 

Who is your audience? 

What do you want your audience to feel when they visit your site?

It is important to pinpoint the feelings that you want to evoke in a potential client visiting your website. When building a website it is important to provide a space that is safe and digestible to all users, it must be accessible and easy to navigate. Website development requires the understanding of what people like and don’t like, the users that you want to keep returning to your site, the manifestation of happy, excited, hopeful or a simple dopamine rush when perusing the site. Ultimately, your design should highlight the needs of your user, while also meeting those needs simultaneously. 

3. Visual Elements that highlight your brand

Creating a website is more than the foundational efforts that must be in place, it is deeper than the framework needed to keep a site functioning and mobile, but it is a culmination of reinforcement and accessibility. A large component of website design and creation is the visual aspect, creating a piece that keeps an audience’s attention, that makes them keep desiring more from each page. Visual elements can be anything from pictures to charts, visible graphics and logos or secondary functions, animated backgrounds and more. The purpose of these is to emphasize and highlight the style guide, mission and vision as well as the organizational values, while bringing new form and enhancing the user experience. Adding visuals keeps everyone engaged. 

4. Be Succinct 

Get to the point. 

Many times we want to provide the most amount of information to our clients, our audience and even ourselves when obtaining research. Less is more. It gives individuals the ability to retain more information when there are fewer words to sift through. Your verbiage matters, only provide the most important information on your website. Less words mean the content that you provide on your website, from the layout to the minimalism and beyond is not covered nor disrupted by continuous paragraphs and words. Use powerful words, and short phrases for your web development. 

5. Follow basic design principles

Spacing, spacing, spacing. Never put too much in a small space.

Just as the last point emphasized, don’t overwhelm your concept with elaborate, overbearing content. As you identify your style guide and purpose, the maintenance of balance, symmetry and white space is just as important. Each page should mirror the next in terms of layout, while providing new information to your brand, organization or company. Flow is the commitment to digestible information in an attractive way simply by following basic formatting. 

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